10 Essential Tips for Young Drivers

Embracing the responsibility of driving as a young driver is a major undertaking. Young drivers see the opportunity as a step into adulthood as well as freedom they have not experienced before. No young driver needs to take on this major responsibility without the help they need to transition into a safe, smart and community conscious driver.

  1. Distractions are not good for any driver, but especially for young drivers it is important to keep distractions to a bare minimum. Setting self-boundaries and rules to limit the possibility of distractions shows a sense of maturity when it comes to driving responsibilities. Distractions that can impact a young driver could be loud music, taking a call on a mobile phone, texting, glancing at a mobile phone, listening to conversations going on in the car with passengers, and eating while driving. Setting rules in the beginning makes it easier to keep those boundaries in place later when friends try to push the rules. Being safe is a major concern of a smart driver and should be a priority goal for a young driver.
  2. Young drivers should look to take on their own insurance coverage. This allows a young driver the ability to build a no-claims history. This will assist the young driver as they age to quickly gain no-claims discounts. As previously mentioned car insurance for young drivers is expensive and any discount in the first years of driving will help tremendously. By building a history as an insured driver it will help cut car insurance costs. To help get started choose a car insurance product that is geared to help a young driver obtain affordable insurance coverage such as black box car insurance. This type of usage based car insurance is saving young drivers substantial amounts of money and should be a consideration for all new drivers.
  3. Young drivers are inexperienced on the road. One way to get a jump on the experience needed to be safe on the road is to take training to complete the Pass Plus test. The Pass Plus scheme helps prepare a young driver to handle various situations so that they can be better prepared when driving. Not only does this scheme help add to a young driver’s skills it also can afford considerable savings when it comes time to shop for car insurance. Young drivers are faced with the most costly car insurance of all age groups so having a discount on car insurance can make the cost of the formal training well worth the investment.
  4. As a young driver it is important to plan out any driving trips. This is especially true when the trip will cover an area that is unfamiliar to the driver. Otherwise a young driver could find their trip taking them into heavy traffic they are not familiar with, a different driving terrain, or other situation that could cause stress for the driver. Talking with a parent or adult about the trip will help make sure the inexperienced driver is prepared and ready for the driving experience they will encounter. A little preplanning will help build confidence for a young driver.
  5. Young drivers should keep a smart head on their shoulders when it comes to picking out their first car. It may be exciting to consider your first car could be a sporty race car, but it isn’t practical for a young driver. First of all that type of car is not for an inexperienced driver and can be setting a young driver up for a harsh reality check. By far the biggest reason to forego such a car is that it can turn out to be the cause of making car insurance totally unaffordable. Often a young driver finds that their car insurance for one year out costs the value of the first car. Be smart and pick a practical car that is suited not only for safety for a young driver but also one that results in affordable car insurance.
  6. In discussing insurance it is important to mention that it is important when applying for car insurance to be upfront and truthful on all questions in an application. Many parents are tempted to list themselves as the main driver instead of the young driver in an attempt to save money. However this can leave the young driver without coverage when the insurance provider denies a claim. It is a fraudulent act to falsify answers on a car insurance application. The risk is too high to make such a decision to be deceptive. Instead of telling a lie to save money look into affordable car insurance to save money such as black box car insurance which can offer big savings for a young driver.
  7. It is a good habit to always check in with someone when you leave for a destination and once you arrive. A young driver should consider this not as a loss of freedom or a parent checking up on them. It is a smart and responsible thing to do to inform someone of where you will be traveling. This will make sure that should you not arrive on time that someone will know you have probably broken down along the way. Should some mishap ever occur a young driver will be glad they set in place a habit to insure their safety on the road.
  8. Don’t assume that if a young driver is driving a used car that is moderate in value that comprehensive insurance is not needed. It can in fact be more affordable in some situations than third party insurance. By purchasing comprehensive insurance it shows the insurance provider that the driver is planning to be a responsible driver and could offer up discounts for a young driver. Shop around online for car insurance and check out both comprehensive and third party policies. By checking online information is quick and easy to get to make sure the right policy is obtained as it allows easy comparison of policies as well as costs.
  9. It is important that a young driver be assured that it takes a long time to become comfortable behind the wheel. It is perfectly fine to admit when further training is needed. If a young driver needs more training when it comes to driving at night or in the rain then it is important to admit this and get the help needed. It is a sign of maturity to admit when more training is needed.
  10. Assuming the young driver has chosen wisely when it comes to their first car it is important that the car remains unaltered. Modifications to a car can change a car’s safety features and how well it can be handled by an inexperienced young driver. It can also change the cost of car insurance. If a driver does not divulge the fact that modifications have been done to a car then a claim can be denied. No driver wants to find out that all the premiums they have paid have left them uncovered by insurance due to a modification. Leave the car alone and keep it safe with affordable car insurance. If modifications are done then it is important to report them immediately to the car insurance provider.