AA Drivesafe

AA DrivesafeProduct Description

AA Drivesafe is the car insurance product available from Automobile Association Insurance Services Limited.  The product is modeled after black box or telematics car insurance.  The product was introduced to the market in early 2012.  The AA is relying on the popularity of black box car insurance as a pathway to success with the cover.  Its technology is ground breaking and many UK drivers are seeing immediate benefits from the usage of the product.

A small GPS mounted device is installed in the interior of the insured car.  This small device records driving habits like, speeding, cornering, and braking.  This data is analyzed by the car insurance provider for the presence of a driver practicing safe habits.  The cost of the insurance is based on evidence of safe habits through the small mounted device.  The device dictates policy cost and could be referred to as “pay how you drive”.  Drivers are attracted to the black box type product for the amount of control that is place in their hands to control car insurance cost.  Drivers exercising a small amount of control and practicing diligence on the road can see sizeable savings after a short amount of time.  AA believes this product will benefit anyone behind the wheel, but especially young drivers or drivers possessing prior convictions.

GPS Considerations

AA Drivesafe has a simple requirement attached to it before enjoying the benefits of the product.  A small GPS tracking unit will be installed in the insured car.  The installation takes only 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete and can be done at the driver’s home or place of business.  Of course, the unit will be professionally installed.  The best part of the installation is the cost – it is free.

The Drivesafe black box is high-tech in its performance.  It doubles as not only a recording device of driver habits but also an anti-theft tracking device.  If the car is ever stolen, it can be quickly recovered using the technology contained within.  This brings us to the second best part about the device – it is free of charge also.

An added benefit of the product not spoken about often enough is its ability to be reviewed online.  The habits of the driver can be reviewed for performance online at any time.  Driving too fast, taking corners at a ferocious pace or even braking too quickly are skills which can be worked on because performance of those tasks can be viewed on the internet.

Benefit on Comprehensive Cover

AA black box car insurance product called Drivesafe offers these benefits:

•           Free installation of the GPS small device within the insured vehicle

•           Safe driving habits being rewarded with future discounts on premiums

•           Free of charge GPS/anti-theft device

•           Twenty four hour online access to driving habits for review

•           AA Drivesafe UK claim hotline available any time day or night

•           Provided courtesy car while your car is being repaired

Optional Extras

AA Drivesafe offers additional options:

Motor legal protection when the accident is found to be someone else’s responsibility.  Up to £50,000 worth of legal assistance in the event you choose to seek damages like:

•           Amount beyond stated car insurance policy

•           Additional transportation fees

•           Inability to work and ultimately loss of earnings

•           Compensation due to personal injury

In the event you are found responsible for the accident additional claim may be necessary in case the person involved cannot be found or identified.  Excess protection is available in these areas:

•           Malicious attempt to damage

•           Accidental damage

•           Theft or attempted theft

•           Fire

Car hire in the event it is necessary when your car is being repaired.  These benefits are included:

•           Hire car is available with comprehensive policies for up to 21 days

•           A national car hire network will deliver your car to a requested location

•           The car hire will come from insurance Group A

•           Unlimited claim limit

•           Other named drivers are able to drive the hire car if eligible

An optional Motor Accident Plan is available that pays a maximum £20,000 if you or your passengers are seriously injured in the accident.  This is an improvement upon the personal injury cover that is included in the AA Drivesafe comprehensive policy.

Policy Fees

AA will gladly extend a quote to anyone interested in their Drivesafe insurance product.  The GPS unit and installation are both free of charge.  Administrative fees associated with the policy are around£30.  Fees which can be assigned additionally are as follows:

  • A maximum of £120 is extended to those drivers who cancel the insurance beyond the cooling off period.  Another incidence which would cause a penalty to be passed on is a mid-term adjustment.  This action carries a   £25 fine.
  • A stipend of £120 to go with a different car and then install a Drivesafe Box.
  • Keeping the appointment is held at a premium as well.  Failure to keep the appointment results in a £45 fee.  The correct documents must also accompany the installation.
  • Removing the Drivesafe box or GPS device results in a fee of no more than £90.


AA Drivesafe is the telematics type or black box car insurance product of the AA insurance provider.  As the unit provided with telematics and black box is GPS enabled, the Drivesafe product is comparable to others on the market.  Installation of the unit is free of charge and the unit itself is free.

The Drivesafe GPS unit remains the property of AA Insurance and there are fees to changing the unit out from one car to another car.  The state of the art device is able to be GPS tracked in the event the car is ever stolen.  This is a unique benefit which most insured drivers appreciate for the extra security of the product.

Driving patterns of AA black box insured drivers are able to be reviewed online at any time for areas of improvement.  The collected data is able to be viewed and analyzed for areas which can be focused on for the future.  This is similar to telematics and black box insurance which is offered by other insurance providers and is a valuable feature of the product.  When driving habits are outside the range of being acceptable, an email alert is sent to notify the driver of such and incident.  This way a driver always knows where they stand with regard to driving by a set of standards which have been set in the beginning.

Any driver has the ability to benefit from using the AA Drivesafe insurance product.  Costs cutting of the monthly insurance bill along with creating safer drivers are goals of AA and the product is able to deliver on those fronts.