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The telematics based car insurance for young drivers by Autosaint is offering two distinct benefits. The company boasts that they can provide substantial savings to a young driver as well as the opportunity to add to their driving skills. This building of safe driving skills will help the driver to continue to experience car insurance savings in the years to come with their product. The car uses a GPS or black box to gather pertinent data on the driver’s ability to follow safe driving habits. By doing so the young driver is taking control of the cost of car insurance into their own hands. This car insurance product helps a young driver obtain an affordable car insurance policy.

Product Description

The GPS box or unit that gathers the data from the insured driver’s car is called an Autosaint box. Installation of the Autosaint box is professionally handled by Halfords Autocentres. Once a policy is paid for the insured young driver will receive an email that will give instruction as to how to proceed to have the Autosaint box installed into their car. No modifications are required to install the box into the dashboard so no warranties on the car are compromised. It is done quickly and requires less than an hour to complete once the process begins. Should the driver miss an appointment to have the installation completed there will be a fee added to the cost of the policy. Otherwise there is no cost for the professional installation. Should the driver cancel the policy and request the removal of the unit before the completion of the insurance time period there will be a fee. There is also a fee for moving the unit to another car. Installation of the Autosaint box must occur within 14 days of the start of the car insurance policy.

The moment the box is installed it begins recording data on the driver’s habits and skills while on the road.

The data items that will be analyzed to determine risk for insuring are:

Aggressive Acceleration
Fast Cornering
G-Force Impact (when involved in an accident) Aggressive Acceleration
Location of driving
Aggressive Braking
Theft Tracking
Time of Driving

The data collection on the above items is used to determine the risk of insuring a young driver. Safe driving skills will offer the driver discounts. Unsafe driving skills trigger a warning type of constructive instruction as to how to improve the driving to a safer level. This is achieved through the online dashboard the insurance policy has for each insured young driver to monitor their real time data. The company issues a driver a beginning score of 100 each day they drive and unsafe driving skills reduce the score. At the end of a quarter or three months the average score is used to determine the next quarter’s premium costs. Autosaint car insurance is unique in that it offers a competitive discount right off from the start when a young driver purchases their insurance policy. If the young driver maintains safe driving habits and improves their safe driving skills then they can maintain their discount. If not then premium costs are adjusted. There is the possibility of achieving even deeper discounts. In one year the driver can achieve a no claims discount as well as a possible additional 25 per cent. As mentioned Autosaint car insurance offers real-time data monitoring online. The monitoring feature offers a driver real time feedback that they can use to improve their driving skills. Real effort to follow suggestions from the dashboard will improve a driver’s skills. This is a favorite feature by parents that are looking to find an insurance product for the child that will have a positive impact as well as offer quality coverage to meet the unique needs of a young driver.

There is one feature that is not unique to Autosaint but helps to keep young drivers in a safe driving skill set. Young drivers are penalized if they drive during the peak hours for accidents which are the hours between 11 PM to 5 AM. This is statistically the time period when drivers are most likely to have an accident. The effort in penalizing a young driver is to keep the group of drivers most likely to have an accident off the road during the time period when a driver is most likely to have an accident. By only penalizing the young drivers that choose to take to the road during these times it lowers the risk of the insurance coverage for others. There is no waiver of this rule and the penalty for driving during this peak accident time is £100. If a young driver must travel during this time the company suggests a ride be obtained through a more experienced driver such as an adult or they take a taxi.

GPS Considerations

The installation responsibility of putting the Autosaint box into the car is handled by Halfords Autocentres. It is quickly done and the driver is assured it is handled correctly and professionally. It is usable in most makes and models of cars and the warranties are not compromised in the cars since no modifications are required for the installation. There is no initial cost for installation. If however the appointment to install the unit is missed there is a fee added to the policy unless the policies guidelines for rescheduling are followed.

Benefit on Comprehensive Cover

The comprehensive coverage of the telematics car insurance from Autosaint car insurance for young drivers offers the possibility for tracking of the car through the GPS unit in the event of theft. The policy also gives the driver the benefit to monitor real time data from the unit so that the driver can adjust their driving skills and habits to be a safer driver.


Autosaint telematics car insurance has pride in their efforts to help a young driver to adopt safer driving habits. Through safe driving a young driver can maintain the discount offered in the beginning of a policy. The product offers not only monitoring of the driver’s real time data collected by the Autosaint telematics box but also provides feedback as to how the driver can improve their driving skills to a safer level. Adhering to the requirements of avoiding driving during peak accident hours in the late night will keep a young inexperienced driver from being on the road when many fatal death accidents occur. This is a safety feature in which the policy penalizes the decision to drive during a dangerous time. Young drivers will like the technology involved in offering feedback through the Internet, text messages, and emails to help them improve their skills to save money. Parents will like the policy from Autosaint because it helps gear their child toward safe driving decisions.

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