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Coverbox car insurance is a popular comprehensive car insurance product using telematics technology. Coverbox uses a GPS based unit that is quite small and is installed in the insured driver’s car. The box is discretely put into the car’s dashboard so it is not visible to any passengers or anyone that is looking into the car. The device gathers data so that the insurance provider can determine the cost of insuring the driver. The Coverbox car insurance provider is most concerned about the specific time of day that the car is being driven and the number of miles the car is being driven. The more miles that are driven then the more costly the policy of the insurance. Driving during hours that are deemed the most dangerous to be on the road which is the time between 11PM and 5AM makes the cost of a policy more costly. In turn if a driver limits their mileage and stays off the road during peak accident hours then they can experience substantial savings. The number of miles is not minimal on a policy so the average driver has plenty of allocated miles available. If they should run out of miles in a time period then more miles can be purchased. The top up of miles is much like one would do with a prepaid mobile phone service and can be done online.

Telematics car insurance is also called black box car insurance or GPS car insurance. Because the product is prepaid it has also been called pay as you drive insurance or usage based insurance since the policy is based on miles driven. This type of insurance is helping UK drivers save on car insurance. Rather than paying on car insurance according to statistical risk assessment, a driver’s use of their car is used to determine insurance risk. This type of insurance is very popular for young drivers. Because they are considered the highest risk age group of drivers to insure a young driver choosing a telematics car insurance product that is based on a driver’s usage of their car can save money.

Benefit on Comprehensive Cover

A special feature of Coverbox is the installation within the dashboard of the GPS unit. By installing the unit out of sight of others no one will know that the car has the unit. In the event of theft the car can be quickly located and the box can assist in gathering data that could be helpful to the police for prosecution of the thieves. Along with theft tracking, a Coverbox car insurance policy includes the use of a courtesy car in the event one is needed after an accident and windscreen cover should it be damaged from flying debris or some other mishap. The policy requires a deposit of 30 per cent. Installment payments are available but consumers should pay attention to the APR for installments which is currently slightly more than 21 per cent. Coverbox car insurance also includes personal accident coverage up to £5,000 and personal effects coverage through the policy up to £100. There is the possibility of adding coverage when traveling abroad. A consumer may purchase Coverbox online and there is telephone support to customers after they purchase a policy. Substantial savings can be had by drivers that avoid driving during peak rush hour times and at night which are prime times to be involved in an accident. Coverbox is a brand name owned by a car insurance broker, so consumers should be aware there are a number of underwriters that could be the actual provider of the policy.

Policy Fees

Drivers considering Coverbox car insurance should be aware that fees with other companies can often negate any savings found in a cheaper policy. Coverbox insurance involves fees if there is cancellation charge before the policy expires and if removal of unit from the car is requested. There is also a fee, which is customary with most telematics insurance providers, should the GPS unit have to be moved to a different car. A fee should be expected to be assessed to the policy should the appointment to have the GPS unit installed be missed.

GPS Considerations

The GPS device used by Coverbox is easily installed in a driver’s car in approximately 45 minutes. The cost of installation is only £50 and is compatible to most makes and models of cars. Coverbox car insurance also offers monitoring of the miles used by the car online. The data from the smart box is gathered and stored online for observation within the online account by the driver. The insurance product also offers no claims discounts and a log book is not required for the discounts due to the GPS monitor.

Optional Extras

Coverbox like most other car insurance policies offers add-ons for those drivers that seek to have coverage that involves specific unique coverage items. Depending on the insurance company that is actually covering the driver got for the broker the optional extras can fluctuate as to what is available. When a quote is requested it should be carefully examined as to what optional extras are available for the driver. It can also vary according to the driver for some extras are geared toward specific groups such as young drivers and their unique needs. A common extra is breakdown cover as well as key care. Legal cover and gadget cover are also typically offered as optional extras to be purchased as part of a Coverbox policy.

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