Electric and Hybrids Cars of Choice for Many with Next Purchase

electric and hybrid cars becoming cars of choiceRecently released data suggests more people are becoming interested in purchasing an electric car. More than 50% of new UK car buyers are looking to buy an electric car as their next car of choice, according to the Institute of the Motor Industry. Diesel cars continue to make headlines for emitting above average pollutants whilst electric/hybrid cars are cleaner running and more efficient. Although many are looking to an alternative type of running car in the future, sales this year of hybrid or electric cars represent only 3% of all new cars registered.

The cars of the future, which is how most within the car industry refer to them as, are not without flaws as they are being introduced. Maintenance and repair will pose a significant problem in the initial years of rollout. Only 2% of the more than 165,000 qualified technicians in the UK are trained to work on the new species of vehicle.

Steve Nash, the CEO of IMI, commented on the impact and demand of electric and hybrid cars, saying: “We have always expected demand for electric and hybrid vehicles to increase gradually over time as the cars become more sophisticated and the public become aware of their quality, the level of demand shown in this survey is astonishing and requires a response from Government.”

Nash added: “We need a licence-to-practice for technicians to reassure the public and to protect the employers who invest in the skills required to take care of the next generation of vehicles and their owners.”