Fair Pay Insurance

fair pay insuranceProduct Description

Fair Pay insurance is a black box car insurance that takes advantage of the best technology has to offer to give a unique car coverage experience.  The product uses both a GPS black box to collect data on the driving habits of the driver, like most black box car insurance products, and it also uses a satellite navigation system with the product to give a richer assessment of the driver’s habits.  By putting the two units together to work alongside each other the driver has much more control of the costs of driving.  They have the opportunity to make smart decisions that will cut down on their cost of car insurance as well as fuel consumption and they can earn rewards from the provider that saves them even more.

Fair Pay uses the latest state of the art GPS black box equipment and teams it with a TomTom Pro 3100 navigation device.  The devices communicate with one another through wireless Bluetooth technology.  Professional installation of the units can be completed at either the home or work place of the insured driver.  The initial premium for Fair Pay covers the purchase cost of the two units so the insured driver owns the equipment used with the car insurance product.

Once installed the units begin working together to provide in depth analysis on the habits of the driver.  Fair Pay is most interested in three distinct behaviors of the driver:

•           How many miles are typically driven

•           Where the driver drives such as crowded roadways or rural roads

•           When the car is driven such as during hours when accidents are at a peak or not

Fair Pay uses the data collected to determine risk assessment and cost of premiums for the driver.


GPS Considerations

Fair Pay’s use of both a GPS black box as well as the TomTom satellite navigational device allows the ability for the provider to determine risk according to the driver’s unique habits.  If the driver is a safe driver then they are rewarded with additional Fair Pay units.  The Fair Pay units are purchased to offer prepaid coverage for the driver.  The consumption of units is determined by when, where and how often a driver takes to the road.  By avoiding peak accident times on the road such as late night driving, and avoiding roads considered more accident laden a driver’s Fair Pay units can last longer than if they choose to drive late at night and take to riskier roadways.

By making safe smart decisions the driver can make their Fair Pay units last longer.  This means that rather than restricting and punishing a driver with steep fees for late night driving or other behaviors considered riskier the driver is given control over their costs.  Safe decisions are cheaper and unsafe decisions cost more which means higher risk equates to higher costs.  Safe driving not only costs less but can offer rewards for the driver in free Fair Pay units awarded to the driver.  There are many opportunities within the structure of the product for drivers to save money.

Benefits of Fair Pay Car Insurance

Fair Pay black box car insurance is considered an ideal match for drivers that fit into these categories:

  • Drivers that pay over £1,000 for their car insurance
  • Drivers that have cars with a value of over £1,000
  • Drivers that typically drive what is considered by the industry to be low mileage
  • Drivers that have had their licence for at least one year

Policy Fees

There is a standard fee of £299 included in the initial premium for the first year involving installation and annual monitoring of the GPS box and TomTom Sat Nav unit.  This fee is non-refundable after 14 days of cover.  Fair Pay insurance estimates this constitutes a savings of £100 over purchasing the units separately.  Drivers then own the TomTom unit and the GPS unit after the initial purchase and installation of the units into the car.

Fair Pay will provide a quote to any driver interested in their black box car insurance product free of charge.

Fees that should be expected with the Fair Pay car insurance are:

  • New policy inception is £50
  • Midterm adjustments to the existing policy and renewals involve a fee of £35
  • Cancellation of the policy involves a charge of £50
  • Need of duplicate documents involves a fee of £20
  • Decommission of the units costs £100
  • Transferring the units from one car to another involves a cost of £100
  • Missed appointment fees cost £50 per missed appointment.
  • Other fees should be expected for administrative services such as legal fees, payment by direct debit, installment payments versus full payment, credit card payments, returned cheque charges, reinstatement of direct debit, and missed payments.


Combining both a GPS black box unit wirelessly with a TomTom satellite navigational unit, Fair Pay is capable of offering a very unique car insurance product to UK drivers.  Using the technology of both units, a driver can make smart decisions that will help them be a safer driver as well as save on car insurance premiums and fuel consumption of their car.  By choosing a safe route to travel, driving efficiently and safely there is a substantial amount of money to be saved with Fair Pay.

Fair Pay is not a black box car insurance product for all drivers.  It is best matched with to a driver that needs a low mileage product.  The driver should also have had their licence for at least a year, currently paying at least £1,000 for car insurance, and own a car with a value of at least £1,000.  For those that are a good fit for Fair Pay there is the opportunity to have car insurance coverage that is truly unique and sophisticated by using state of the art technology to bring about the best black box car insurance has to offer.

Fair Pay is brought to the car insurance market by Motoquote and iKube.  Their reputations stand behind this new black box car insurance product.  Fair Pay offers a straightforward, simple and easy to understand black box car insurance product that has much to offer a driver that best fits its structure and benefits.