iKube Car Insurance

Young drivers are finding considerable savings by choosing the car insurance product geared toward their unique needs called iKube. This telematics based car insurance is offered by Motaquote which is a division of Protecatgroup. Started in 1991, this reputable car insurance business draws on some of the most respected car insurance providers in the industry to underwrite their product. Some of the possible companies are AVIA, one of the UK’s largest insurance service providers, as well as Equity Red Star which is one of the top 10 largest car insurers in the UK.

The iKube car insurance product uses a GPS unit to gather data as to the driving habits of a young driver. The unit is installed into a car’s dashboard and gathers data as to when the car is on the road. Depending on the time of day a driver is on the road the driver will be offered discounts on their premiums. If the driver drives during peak accident times then the risk to insure the driver is high but avoiding those peak times lowers risk and with iKube it can amount to considerable savings off of a typical policy cost. This policy is a good choice for a young driver for it helps them be self-disciplined to stay off the road during times that are considered dangerous for an inexperienced and young driver.

Product Description

Young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident if they are on the road between the peak accident hours of 11PM to 5AM. Incentives are offered to a young driver that avoids these peak times in the way of financial discounts on their insurance policy. If they choose to drive during these high risk hours then the penalty for doing so assess a surcharge on the policy in the amount of £100 per night. Avoid the accident prone hours and there are no penalties. There are allowances for the car to be moved within a short distance should there be a need during the peak accident hours.

A young driver MUST have the following to qualify for iKube car insurance:

Be between the ages of 17 and 25 years old
Have a UK full or provisional license
Be the registered owner and keeper of the insured vehicle
Be the primary driver of the vehicle
Be the youngest insured driver of all names registered to drive the vehicle
Be using a car that is not older than 20 years old
Be looking for a policy to cover you within the next 30 days
IF holding a provisional license and are looking to take out the Learner Driver Insurance, must not have had your driving test within the first 30 days of coverage from the policy.

GPS Considerations

Since the iKube car insurance involves a telematics box that gathers car data there is the necessity to install a small GPS unit into the car’s dashboard. Installation can be done on most makes and models of cars and takes a minimal amount of time that usually is under one hour. It can be done where the car is located whether that is at home or at work. No modifications are made to the car to install the GPS unit and nothing interferes with any manufacturer’s warranties. Should the policy be cancelled the unit is removed from the car. It would also need to be removed and reinstalled should there be a change in cars for the insured driver. Fees are expected to occur when the unit is installed, needs to be moved, or is removed.

Benefit on Comprehensive Cover

There are some unique features of iKube insurance with one being the detailed support in the event of theft. Should the car be stolen the installed GPS unit can help track and locate the car for recovery. Data involving the car’s movement to the recovery location can help authorities apprehend and convict the thieves. Other features of the insurance policy from iKube are £10,000 personal accident coverage, personal effects coverage of up to £150, medical expenses up to £100, coverage when driving abroad, as well as online monitoring of journeys taken in the vehicle.

Policy Fees

Most car insurance policies have associated fees and iKube has a few as well. As previously discussed there are fees associated with the installation and removal of the GPS unit. There is also a fee should the policy be cancelled before the term expires. In addition there is a fee associated with moving the unit to a different car during the coverage period if needed. Fees are also added if the driver misses or fails to reschedule the appointment to have the GPS unit installed within the car. It is always a good idea to pay close attention to any fees involved with a car insurance policy. Since the main feature of this telematics car insurance policy is the avoidance of high risk driving times it should be noted the penalty fee involved if the driver does take to the road within the “Red Zone” which is 11 PM to 5 AM. There is a grace area which is 100 meters. Moving the car beyond those 100 meters triggers a penalty of £100 per night in addition to the original policy cost. The car is not subjected to having to be at a home base location every night, only that it cannot be driven during the Red Zone time period or a fee is assessed. This fee is subject to payment when the fee occurs and the insurance provider will contact the driver to arrange payment.

For the young driver that can avoid the Red Zone time period a policy from iKube is a great match. It keeps the young driver off of the road during peak accident times and it offers a discount for choosing to be a safer driver. Since young drivers are subject to high insurance policies an iKube can help eliminate much of the risk in insuring a young driver and offer savings through cheaper premiums.

Optional Extras

Optional extras are available for drivers that purchase an iKube car insurance policy. In most cases the extras have minimal costs involved and they can be purchased together or separately. These extras are:

Coverage for gadgets left within the vehicle
Key care
Legal coverage
Breakdown coverage

For more information visit www.ikubeinsurance.com