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Ingenie car insurance is blazing a new path as an alternative, cost saving insurance for the young driver group of 17 to 25 year olds. The old days of charging a rate based on historical statistical data are over. No longer will the collective risk of the young driver group determine the high rates which continue to be a serious problem. For the last couple years car insurance rates have skyrocketed out of control. Now, a viable option is available. It is called Ingenie and it offers cost saving opportunities which have not been seen before. Traditional car insurance rates are based on the risk history of the group to be insured. Ingenie car insurance reviews car driving habits every quarter during the year. If good, safe driving habits are apparent during the review, discounts are applied to the next quarter monthly premiums. This is unique to the car insurance industry and is needed for a group which has seen rates become less and less affordable each month.

The car of a new insured driver with Ingenie cover will be outfitted with a small device called a telematics device. This device will record driving habits and make it possible to determine if habits warrant a discount being passed along. The device is about the size of a mobile phone and requires no tools to install. In the event of an accident, the device has little chance of being damaged due to its location within the car. The telematics device is gps enabled, so it is valuable in terms of locating the vehicle.

Ingenie car insurance has the unique ability of providing the driver multiple opportunities through the year for possible discounts to the price of monthly premiums. Traditionally, the young driver group has provided examples of why car insurance costs continue to spiral out of control. The group has notoriously been full of unnecessary risk takers and drivers who abuse the speed limit. This type of driving will always lead to higher perceived risk for the group and subsequently higher car insurance rates. Historically, the young driver group is ten times as likely to be in a crash and the insurance rates have recognized that fact. The Ingenie car insurance type could not come along soon enough. It is needed for those who would like to drive but are actually being priced out of the car when looking at other car insurance companies.

Ingenie is unique also due to the standards it sets with regard to time curfews and mileage restrictions. The company does not penalize any policy holder when the car is driven between the hours of 11pm and 6am. Many insurance companies will not only impose a curfew on the policy holders, but charge a penalty fee of 100 to 200 pounds on the next premium bill. Mileage restrictions are another factor which can change entire schedules sometimes and become a real inconvenience. Ingenie sets a new standard when speaking of opportunities to gain discounts on future monthly premium payments. Driver habits are carefully scrutinized every 3 months and are up for discussion for possible discounts. Most other car insurance companies review habits one time per year and then look into possible discount opportunities. If good habits are evident, the appropriate action is taken.

Once a new driver comes on board, a small, mobile phone size telematics device is installed in the car. This is done at no cost to the new policy holder. The device requires no special tools and can be installed at home, school or place of employment of the new client. The gps enabled device records driving behaviours like: usage, cornering, braking, speeding and how much tailgating the vehicle has done. The driver will constantly know how well or poorly they have performed behind the wheel. This is possible due to the special Twitter-like messages which can be sent to a driver’s mobile. These messages can also be sent to an e-mail address. Driving habits which need work can immediately be made aware of.

In addition to the driving habits which can be made aware of, the gps-enabled device is able to give away the location of the car. This is especially helpful during the unfortunate event that the car is stolen. Location of the vehicle will also be used as proof of where the car has been driven. The safer the locations of where the car is driven, the better chance of receiving a discount for the driver. Keep in mind, risk is how the insurance company views how much of a discount a driver should receive.

No claims discounts have been a big part of most car insurance companies for some time. When policy holders go through a year without any claims against the vehicle, they offer a no claims discount. This is another unique feature about Ingenie car insurance. They not only offer the quarterly checks on driving habits to possibly pass along discounts, but also honor no claims discounts as another way to get discounts. No claims discounts typically offer discounts off premiums of 20 to 75%.

Ingenie car insurance is providing young drivers an option for cover which few companies can match. The company reviews driving habits every quarter in an effort to possibly provide more discounts to policy holders. This is a welcome sight, especially for the young driver group. Ingenie is a car insurance company setting new standards for making car insurance affordable. Ingenie is not only making it possible for many young drivers to get behind the wheel, they are creating a community of safer drivers and therefore safer roads across the UK.

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