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Insure the box car insurance is a revolution in car insurance. To provide car insurance cover which helps control the cost of car insurance, a new, unique type of insurance needed to be unveiled. The new idea came in the form of telematics insurance or gps enabled insurance. This new type of insurance is becoming more popular each month. This new type of insurance involves a small device which records driving behaviours. The device is mounted to the car and in no way affects the warranty of the car. The device is about the size of a mobile phone and is installed by the insurance company. The device records driving behaviours like: speeding, cornering and braking safely. The device also records what time of the day or night the car is driven. Since it is gps enabled, the device is able to locate the car quickly if it went through the unfortunate event of being stolen.

In the event the driver takes a trip in the car, the mounted device records the start of the trip until the end of the trip. Total distance is measured as well as where the car went on the trip. This new insurance derives the monthly premium cost from the driving habits of the driver instead of the traditional way of looking at historical statistical data. For example, when a young person is going to be charged a monthly premium, historical data is not referenced. The driving behavior is looked into and a charge is calculated by the previous driving behavior. To start the cover, a specific number of miles are purchased. The number of miles driven from those first purchased will determine the insurance cost for the next month. Just like topping up a mobile phone, additional miles are purchased at the end of these miles. The miles roll over year after year, which is favorable to the driver.

Bonus miles are available as a reward. In order to track data of the telematics mounted device, any driver can look online and get results, any time of the day. This information will be available on the web page which has been personalized to the driver. The information which will be sent to your web page is where you will find information on how bonus miles can be earned.

There is another advantage available when choosing insure the box car insurance. The number of brand name products is sizeable. Through this wide variety of products, more reward miles are able to be earned. Earning miles is a simple process. All a driver needs to do is think about spending 100 pounds. Each time a driver completes the purchasing process and spends 100 pounds; their account is credited with reward miles.

Benefit on Comprehensive Cover

In the unfortunate case of theft of the car, the telematics gps-enabled device makes it possible to recover the car in a short amount of time. This feature is attractive to those who spend days in areas of the UK which are more prone to this type of activity. To activate this type of car insurance, a 20% deposit is needed, and then a monthly payment plan is possible. The monthly payment plan is easy to maintain within the family budget. Automatic withdraw helps keep the payments current. The annual percentage rate of the installment program is just short of 30%. A courtesy car is also available when cars are serviced or are involved in an accident. This feature has the ability to save quite a bit of money. The insure the box type cover also has windscreen cover available. With a 7,500 pound limit in case of personal accidents, the insure the box plan offers cover for personal accidents. Personal effects are covered, but in a very limited amount. The maximum amount is 150 pounds. Medical expenses are covered with a slightly higher amount – 200 pounds. Insure the box insurance is available for those who are traveling abroad. Comprehensive car insurance is available for such an undertaking. Third party cover is also an option.

Gibraltar Insurer owns Insure the box. Insure the box insurance is obtainable online and has full telephone support for anyone who needs it. Visit their website here.

Policy Fees

Insure the box also is attractive for not carrying any fees with changing vehicle cover at midterm. That is untrue for most car insurance companies. Also, when the telematics device comes off, no fee is required.

GPS Considerations

The small telematics mounted device is gps enabled. This means it is easily able to be located. If the car it is mounted in ever becomes a victim of a crime, it can quickly be located and retrieved. This can lead to quicker arrests and understanding how the car became a victim of the crime, which will be helpful in the future. The device is about the size of a mobile phone and can be installed in the car in about an hour. It is easily done at work or at home. A concern for the small device is typically the amount of battery juice it uses during a normal day. The truth is that is uses very little and should never pose a threat to your car battery life. Aside from recording driving habits, the small mounted device provides online reports and incident alerts when they are merited. When a discount for good driving habits comes to be, a no claims discount is easily manufactured. The discount can be claimed by making a request to insure the box.

Optional Extras

Another attractive feature of the insure the box car insurance is breakdown cover. Breakdown cover is for anyone who prefers never to be left without an option to get help. The cost for this cover is 60 pounds per month. Legal cover is also available for around 25 pounds per month. Key care is also an option.

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