Just Passed Your Driving Test? Now What?

Young drivers and their families have big decisions to make after passing the very important driving test. Many questions come to the surface after this monumental day. Of those questions, a couple stand out as being more important than most of the others. There are several questions post-test which are almost obvious. What type of car is best to keep the insurance cost low? How much is the car insurance going to cost? These are important questions. The good thing about driving a car on the UK roads is there is no law saying a young driver has to hit the roads as soon as the test gets passed.

The first thing which must be understood is the fact that no one can get behind the wheel without car insurance. After that, a policy must be decided on. The type of car insurance cover is going to dictate the cost of the car insurance. The more comprehensive the cover, the higher the cost. Understanding the monthly budget for car insurance is important before the search for that policy begins. Including everyone in the decision for what type of cover is important to understand how valuable car insurance is and what role it plays in protecting the driver.

The next step is determining what type of car is best for the young driver to hit the streets with. It would be impossible to use that new driver’s license without a car, so let’s discuss what is important about the car choice that affects the cost to insure it. There are two factors which influence the cost of monthly premiums. The first is the type of car. This is the most controllable factor of the two variables. Many parents pass down one of their cars to their young driver, usually with positive results. A parent car is normally not a hot rod that the young driver will be getting speeding tickets with each month. The rule of thumb when selecting a car for a young driver is look for a small engine and a small body to repair in the case of an accident. To an insurance company, a low power engine will be favorable due to how fast the car will typically be driven. Next, a small body means that in the event of an accident a repair job will not be terribly expensive. A car which can be looked at as durable and reliable is going to collect a much lower car insurance quote than a hot rod or a luxury type car. Again, a car which has low horsepower and would be inexpensive to repair will be looked at more favorably when it comes to price than a luxury type car.

There is usually a common thought pattern when it comes to picking out a car for the newly anointed driver license holder. Parents want a car which is functional and durable, and young drivers want the coolest type of car going. Fortunately parents are the ones paying for the car insurance, so their decision usually is the final one. Also, when picking out a car, do not decide to purchase the first car you come to. Give it some time and view several cars, with test drives of those cars. Selecting the first car will leave you, as well as the young driver, leaving the car dealership filled with regret. There will always be a car after that which will more than likely be a better fit for that young driver. Keep in mind also; young people are at the greatest risk of having an accident due to the lack of experience around the block, so to speak. To that end, they will already be looked at as a higher risk by insurance companies, before they even put a foot in that new car.

Another smart idea for selecting that first car for the young driver is watch what other young drivers are driving. In tough economic times, the choice of car to drive will usually be something more conservative than normal. Also, speak to your peers with children and ask what type of cars they are driving. Most people will see it as complimentary if you ask them about something like that. Much insight can be gained in a short amount of time by doing that.

The next step will be insuring that person in the new car which you selected. New driver insurance is a great place to start. A bonus to this type of insurance is once a young driver starts driving, they start accumulating time. The longer a driver can go without any type of incident which is reflected on their record, like speeding, the better discount they will qualify for. Sometimes, a discount of up to 30% is possible. Make sure upon renewal that you check with your insurance company to see if the driver is able to take advantage of this benefit. This benefit is known as a no claims bonus.

Car insurance is expensive, especially if the driver falls into the young driver group, which is below the age of 25. Insurance companies are quite aware of the large amount of risk they take each time they insure a young driver. The simple reason of little experience is what insurance companies think of young drivers. As they get older, the monthly premium cost will go down, just as long as they keep a relatively clean driving record going. The first two years of a driver’s career are when the greatest risk exists for an accident.

When comparing the cost of car insurance between males and females, males win out every time being more expensive to insure. Insurance companies have too many reasons as to why males are more costly to insure. They typically drive too fast and are constantly trying to prove something to their friends.

The best advice overall is simply this; get in touch with a company which insures first time drivers. They will lead you in the right direction and give you an idea of where the insurance is going to come in at. An understanding will quickly come into focus as to how much it is going to be.