Introduction of New Insurance Premium Tax Puts New Challenges on Young Drivers

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A new tax will soon go into effect which will affect millions of people across the country in ways which are aligned with daily living. It is called the insurance premium tax and George Osborne introduced the tax which will start from November. It will require every citizen to pay an approximated £68 additional for insurance associated with cars, possessions, and pets. Insurance is already not an inexpensive endeavor. This will create new challenges, especially for those trying to keep a car on the road. Osborne mixed no words during the...

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Electric and Hybrids Cars of Choice for Many with Next Purchase

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Recently released data suggests more people are becoming interested in purchasing an electric car. More than 50% of new UK car buyers are looking to buy an electric car as their next car of choice, according to the Institute of the Motor Industry. Diesel cars continue to make headlines for emitting above average pollutants whilst electric/hybrid cars are cleaner running and more efficient. Although many are looking to an alternative type of running car in the future, sales this year of hybrid or electric cars represent only 3% of all new cars...

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Young Drivers Finding Relief in Cost of Car Insurance with Telematics Cover

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Young drivers are still paying more for car insurance on average, compared with any other driving group. They are still the riskiest drivers on the road and insurers cannot overlook that fact. And they are still more likely to have a car crash within six months of obtaining their driver licence than any other group. But, new technology is helping to reverse the trend, especially when it comes to the cost of their car cover. Black box technology, or telematics car insurance, is helping young drivers fight the high cost of car cover by rewarding...

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UK Car Production Highest Since 2008

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UK car production is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts as recent figures out of manufacturing plants are nothing short of impressive. August was especially above average as the same month last year was at a 40% deficit compared with this year. Overall number of cars produced in the UK this year totals more than 1,011,000. This is the highest number of cars created in UK plants since 2008. Big production numbers are a story in itself, but news of the VW emissions scandal has overshadowed the data. Many in and around the car manufacturing...

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There are Better Ways to Save Than Lying on Your Car Insurance Application

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There are better opportunities available to attempt to save money on car insurance other than lying. However, there are thousands of British drivers that are on the road today that could be behind the wheel uninsured because they gave false information while applying for coverage. When providers determine that an application is fraudulent they will not stand behind the driver should there be an accident. Since car insurance is meant to be a safety net to keep a driver from having to undergo difficult financial problems in the event of an...

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Renewal Time Offers an Opportunity to Save Money on Car Insurance Costs

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There is still time to save money on car insurance despite the warnings that drivers are going to be paying more. November will be the month in which the Government’s intended Premium Insurance Tax will go into effect. Also, experts are warning that the trend of falling premiums has ended and the climb upward is due to begin. Much of that reason is due to continued problems with fraudulent claims. Those fake claims and the cost to discover and fight them are going to get passed on to all drivers, unfortunately. Renewal time is the perfect...

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Young UK Drivers can Access Performance through Online Dashboard with Telematics Cover

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Young drivers stay connected to their electronic devices whilst they are in the car. They might not be texting and driving at the same time, but many can be found texting at each stop sign, or the moment they pull into a car park. The reality is young drivers will always be less than a footstep from their electronic devices regardless of what they are doing, driving included. Now, a car insurance is combining technology with the love of driving. Young drivers are now able to access their driving performance through an online dashboard. The...

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Fraudulent UK Car Insurance Applications on the Rise

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UK car insurance firms are now more aware than ever before to look out for fraudulent insurance applications. An increase over the previous year of almost 20% came in during the year 2014. More than 210,000 dishonest applications were filed. Claiming to live in a different postcode, intentionally leaving valuable information like previous claims off an application, and fronting are just a few of the most popular ways applicants are making an attempt to fraudulently obtain cover. Fronting is dishonestly claiming one person will be the primary...

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UK Car Insurance Costs Increasing after Three Years of Relief

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The cost of UK car insurance has increased recently and according to a well-known insurer, it can be attributed to three main areas. First, car cover costs have increased due to a surge in the amount of car crashes whilst drivers are busy texting as they drive. Second, the average cost has risen an estimated 10% due to roads carrying more passengers and improved disposable income. Finally, fraudulent whiplash claims have become popular again and they are adding more cost for insurers. Although new laws have been created to slow down the...

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New Government Tax on Insurance Pushes UK Families to Budget Wisely

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A large percentage of the UK population will be paying more for insurance soon, as the government is adding an estimated £8billion in additional taxes. All car, pet, building, as well as content within the building taxes will increase by more than 50%. This will not be an additional cost which UK families can readily absorb and not feel in other parts of their budget. The coming additional taxation will raise an estimated £1.5billion for the Treasury. Estimates indicate an additional £50 to £100 will be added to the expenses of a typical...

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