Student Car Insurance Guide

There are several measurable advantages to being young. One that typically stands out is the amount of energy one has at that age. It seems like they can keep going and going while all the adults around them are tired. While a young person is usually at school for seven or eight hours then has plenty of activities afterward, an adult typically comes home from work and is ready to crash. Young people certainly maintain a high level of activity and that usually requires driving from here to there and back. To keep up with school, errands and their peers, young drivers need a solid reliable insurance. The last thing they need to worry about when they are out driving is what would happen if there was a car accident and I was involved. Being young has enough responsibility attached to it without adding more.

Driving a car is necessary for most and without car insurance they are legally able to go nowhere.
Car insurance is a necessary evil and is not an inexpensive product. As a young person, there are many expenses they are responsible for before car insurance is even considered. There is maintenance for the car, and keeping the car serviced with oil and filter changes. To say that operating a car is cheap would be an understatement. At the same time there are so many expenses, car insurance just adds to the already large pile of outgoings. And for a young person, funds remain limited.

While a young driver has to take on the expense of car insurance, it is important to understand what the purpose of car insurance is. The purpose of car insurance is to financially support the driver of the car and any other driver who is involved in an accident which requires the vehicle to be repaired. Additionally, car insurance is able to financially support the driver in the event of a personal liability situation which results from the accident. Car insurance, in essence, makes it possible to drive the UK roads with no worries, at the same time protecting yourself and others from having to bear the burden of the cost of repairs to the vehicle.

When young people start driving, the tendency is to take all of your peers everywhere you possibly can, as often as you can. That is probably the reason the likelihood of a crash is greatest during the first two years of a young drivers life. Car insurance companies see this as a driver spending a lot of time on the road, combined with very little experience of actually doing it. No wonder car insurance for a young driver is so expensive for the first few years of the policy length.

What is usually discussed at some point is who exactly needs car insurance. The UK government has already laid that out so it is easy to understand by everyone. The answer is black and white and misunderstanding it would be a mistake. If you are taking the responsibility to drive on the UK roadways, then you need to carry the appropriate financial liability protection for yourself and those other cars around you. Due to the high cost of insurance coupled with several other car related expenses, some young UK drivers are choosing to risk everything by driving without car insurance. This is extremely dangerous and not recommended by anyone. To be pulled over without car insurance would be very expensive.

Young drivers take chances all the time anyway by the way they drive their peers to here and there. The amount of distractions which take place in most cars is unacceptable. This is an important point about why car insurance for young people is so costly. Car insurance companies know young people will not use the same judgment as older drivers. For that reason the risk is already at a higher degree for the insurance company. Distractions cause thousands of accidents each year and until they slow down or stop altogether, car insurance companies have no choice but continue to charge a large amount for cover.

It takes very little to make yourself a much better driver on the UK roads. First, no matter what is going on keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Many accidents occur each year simply because someone reached into the floor board and picked up a cd or lipstick case or whatever. Next, spending time talking or texting on a mobile phone while you drive is a poor idea. The human mind can only focus on one thing at a time. If you are concerned about the conversation on the phone that much, then pull the car over and take care of that first. Then pull back onto the road and focus on the task at hand – reaching your destination safely.

A serious concern when discussing car insurance is what the policy needs to include. The insurance policy needs to have a strong claims service. In the event of an accident, a strong claim service can mean the difference between a few days without a car and a few weeks. If you are uncertain about their claim service, ask someone who has had experience with it and surely they will give you an honest report. Secondly, make certain all your information is accessible online at all times. This is important because at any time you would like to change the type of cover, it should be open for you to do so. These are just two of the features which you should make sure of when looking into car insurance.