Swinton Drive It Down

swinton drive it downProduct Description

Swinton Drive It Down black box car insurance is a product designed for a young driver or inexperienced driver.  Swinton’s goal at entering the telematics or black box car insurance industry was to offer young drivers access to more affordable car insurance premiums.  Through the use of a GPS unit installed into the driver’s car the provider can collect data on the driving habits of the young driver.

The Swinton Drive It Down black box unit collects data on these three key driving habits of the driver:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration and Braking
  • Night time driving between the hours of 11PM and 5AM

Once the data is collected it is reviewed by the provider to determine risk assessment solely on the driver’s habits behind the wheel.  This offers the young driver the opportunity to escape the usual statistics compiling other young driver’s habits and to be judged on their own habits.  This can offer substantial savings over a standard car insurance policy for the young driver.

It was the goal of Swinton to help young drivers “drive down” their car insurance costs, thus the brand name of the black box car insurance of “Drive It Down”.

GPS Considerations

According to the Drive It Down Web site the black box car insurance product uses a point score system to determine premium costs.  The score system is described on the brand’s Web site as: “The device monitors your driving behaviour and gives you a score between 5 (Excellent) and 0 (Very Poor). Your starting score is around 3.7, and as long as you keep your score above 3 you will keep your massive discount. Your score will go down if you speed, accelerate or brake erratically or consistently are driving at night. If you score slips below 3 points your discount will be removed and your policy premium may increase.”

The insured driver can monitor the collected driving data online through what Swinton calls the “Driving Dashboard”.  There is also the option for the driver to receive free alerts when any unsafe driving incident is detected by the black box unit.  These same alerts can be issued to a parent or guardian of a young driver if so desired.

Drivers are often concerned with the installation of the black box GPS unit.  It is quite simple with Drive It Down car insurance.  The professional installation of the GPS unit takes approximately 45 minutes for most cars and there is no charge to the driver.  It can be completed at the driver’s home or work site.

Once the policy is purchased the provider will coordinate an appointment with the driver to have the installation completed.  When the unit is installed it immediately begins gathering data on the driver’s habits behind the wheel.

Late night driving has no restrictions with this black box car insurance product.  There is a special consideration however if late night driving is routine for the young driver.  If so, then their driving score will reflect the risk of driving during peak accident times.  A young driver is therefore advised to refrain from driving during the hours of 11PM to 5 AM.


Benefit on Comprehensive Cover

Swinton black box car insurance offers these benefits to drivers:

  • Free professional installation of the GPS unit
  • The opportunity to save money by driving safely
  • Free state-of-the-art anti-theft tracking should the car be stolen
  • Access to their unique Driving Dashboard online to monitor the driving data collected
  • Courtesy car access
  • Installment payment options
  • Personal incident coverage of £5,000
  • Personal effects limit of £100
  • No charges for rescheduling of a GPS installation appointment


Benefit on Third Party, Fire and Theft Coverage

Swinton Drive It Down offers Third Party, Fire and Theft Coverage which is similar to the comprehensive coverage but it does not include the usual options offered with comprehensive coverage such as coverage while abroad or courtesy car access.


Optional Extras

Swinton Drive It Down black box car insurance offers the option to purchase key care and legal cover with comprehensive coverage.  Young drivers are often interested in gadget cover and that is NOT offered with this car insurance coverage.


Policy Fees

Swinton Drive It Down offers free quotes to drivers interested in their black box car insurance product.

There is no charge for the GPS unit installation.

There is a fee of £50 for cancelling a policy both inside as well as outside of the “cooling off period” of 14 days.

A £25 charge is involved if the insured driver changes cars.

Duplicate documents cost £20.

Removal of the GPS unit at the request of the driver carries a £95 fee.



Swinton’s black box car insurance brand is called “Drive It Down”.  The easy to remember brand name is meant to invoke to the driver the ambition of the provider to offer more affordable car insurance to young drivers as the product drives down car insurance costs.  There is an offer of either a comprehensive policy or a Third Party, Fire and Theft coverage policy choice for inexperienced and young drivers.

This black box car insurance product is very much in line with most other black box car insurance products on the market.  Like most other black box car insurance products the unit is considered state-of-the-art and provides an added bonus of being a built in anti-theft tracking device should the car ever be stolen.  A not so often found feature of the product is that the professional installation of the GPS unit is free.

Through safe driving habits a young driver can save on their car insurance premiums.  Swinton uses a point system to grade the driving habits of the insured driver that is easy to follow and understand.  This system allows the opportunity for the insured driver to monitor their own driving skills and habits.  This is an online data review option provided free of charge through Swinton’s Drive It Down Driving Dashboard.  There is also a free option that offers young drivers email alerts should an unsafe driving incident be recorded by the black box unit.  This feature may be especially attractive to parents.

Swinton Drive It Down is a black box car insurance product that is well suited to young drivers and inexperienced drivers of any age.  Young drivers that are interested in an uncomplicated black box car insurance product with the opportunity to experience substantial savings will find Swinton Drive It Down a good match for their coverage needs.