UK Car Insurance Costs Increasing after Three Years of Relief

UK car insurance costs increaseThe cost of UK car insurance has increased recently and according to a well-known insurer, it can be attributed to three main areas. First, car cover costs have increased due to a surge in the amount of car crashes whilst drivers are busy texting as they drive. Second, the average cost has risen an estimated 10% due to roads carrying more passengers and improved disposable income. Finally, fraudulent whiplash claims have become popular again and they are adding more cost for insurers.

Although new laws have been created to slow down the practice of texting whilst driving, it is still quite common, especially with the 18-24 young driver group. It is illegal to send texts whilst driving, yet many young drivers still engage in sending and receiving as they sit at red lights or stop signs. Breaking the law in this manner has led to many car crashes and thus contributed to the increase in cost of car cover.

The last three years has been kind to UK drivers. The cost has declined each of those years and just started to increase again at the start of 2015.

An attractive option to defend against rising costs of car cover is a relatively new type of car insurance known as telematics. It relies on GPS technology which is installed in the interior of the insured car to monitor driving habits of those behind the wheel. Habits like cornering, braking, speed, and time of day the car is driven are all noted by the installed device.

As drivers demonstrate safe driving habits, the insurer extends discounts to them on future monthly car insurance premiums. Drivers simply need to slow down and drive with care. Many UK drivers are finding telematics is able to save many pounds per month off the cost of car cover.