Why Is Cheap Car Insurance Difficult To Find

The drivers that pay the most in car insurance according to age groups are those that are young drivers. Young drivers are by far the most expensive group to insure and there are many reasons why this happens. It is so expensive at times for a young driver that their quote for their first year behind the wheel can amount to more than the value of their first car. One of the main reasons that young drivers have to pay so much in car insurance is that they are inexperienced drivers and are very likely to end up in a car accident making them a major risk for a car insurance provider.

Some young drivers have been driving for several years while others may be very new to driving on the road having only recently achieved getting their driver’s license. Some young drivers are new at driving the car they are traveling in having acquired a car different from the one they were trained in when learning to drive. Then there are the incidents where a young driver may be caught driving in a storm for the first time or encounter more traffic than they are used to driving in or a different road surface. There are all types of new experiences that a young driver will encounter compared to a more mature driver. The more likely they are to encounter a new condition or driving experience then the more of a risk they are to their insurance provider.

Another reason young drivers are such high risks for insurance companies to cover is that they are more likely to be distracted and take risks thinking they are capable of handling a driving experience better than they truly can. They may think they have control of the car and can simply lean over to change a radio station or change out a CD. They think they can quickly glance at their mobile phone to see who is calling or take a quick call. These are all things that can amount to a distraction that should not be allowed for any driver let alone one that is inexperienced. Texting while driving is another distraction hazard as well as paying attention to conversation within the car versus paying attention to the road. Young drivers are not experienced and just a few seconds of a distraction can amount to a major accident. Since young drivers as a group in general prove over and over again that these are distractions too tempting to ignore then insurance companies are going to penalize in favor of the odds that a young driver will be in an accident soon after they begin driving.

It is a proven statistic that a young driver is more likely to be in an accident than an older adult. It is also proven that they are more likely to be in an accident in the first two years they begin to drive. Adding those statistics up with other odds against a young driver such as choosing a fast car or driving a lot in the late evenings due to dates or clubbing amounts to even more risk for an insurance company. Every time an insurance company issues a policy to a young driver there is a great chance they will end up paying on a claim.

Young drivers have lifestyles that involve late night driving to movies, clubs, dates, and other events with their friends. They are also more likely to party and drink which can lead to impaired decision making to get behind the wheel. Once there the inexperience they have as drivers is only going to amount to trouble. Insurance companies take the risk but they can’t look past the fact that young drivers are more likely to cost them a claim payout or two early in their business dealing.

Young drivers also often pick the cars that they should not be driving. They tend to be drawn toward fast and sporty cars. These cars are not meant for inexperienced drivers so again this is a reason that a young driver that chooses one of these types of cars will indeed be paying a very high insurance premium. All of the previously mentioned reasons amount to why a car insurance provider charges young drivers more for car insurance. Young drivers are a bigger risk to insure. Their inexperience, lifestyle, preferences, and decision making all amount to higher premiums. Just driving down the road and having the weather change to rain can amount to enough of a new experience for a young driver that they could end up in an accident.

There are ways to cut down on how much of a risk an insurance company associates with a young driver. Choosing a safe and more practical car is one way to make it evident that a young driver is making safe decisions and this will amount to a cut in insurance costs against what it would be if the car were a sporty and fast car. Another way is to choose the right kind of car insurance product for the young driver and this may mean getting a policy separate from the policy of the parents.

There are many young driver car insurance products available. One is black box car insurance. This insurance uses a GPS unit installed on the car to collect driving data on the young driver and gauge the risk to insure them. Having good driving habits and skills behind the wheel will lower the risk for the insurance provider and will amount to cheaper costs for a young driver when it comes to car insurance.