Young UK Drivers can Access Performance through Online Dashboard with Telematics Cover

young drivers with online dashboardYoung drivers stay connected to their electronic devices whilst they are in the car. They might not be texting and driving at the same time, but many can be found texting at each stop sign, or the moment they pull into a car park. The reality is young drivers will always be less than a footstep from their electronic devices regardless of what they are doing, driving included. Now, a car insurance is combining technology with the love of driving.

Young drivers are now able to access their driving performance through an online dashboard. The cover is known as telematics car insurance and it is becoming more popular every month. Young drivers can check how safely or unsafely they are handling their car in just moments.

They can see how fast or slow they drove on a particular journey. They can see how close they are stopping to cars in front of them at stop lights and signs. They can also check to see what time of day or night they are spending time whilst behind the wheel. The purpose of the online dashboard is to help drivers become better drivers through a visual set of driving data.

Young people remain connected through technology like never before. The online dashboard of telematics car cover is perfectly suited to help young drivers do something they have never done before – become better drivers. By becoming better drivers they will quickly earn rewards from insurers in the form of discounts applied to future monthly car insurance premiums.